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Ukranian Gaming Summit 2017 - creation of the legal regulatory framework

December 8, 2017, Ukranian Gaming Industry Association organize an international event Ukranian Gaming Summit 2017.

Ukraine today has come to the crucial point of legalization of the gaming industry. For the last year there are more and more public and professional discussions about implementing the regulatory legislation in order to make this business more transparent, safe and profitable for the investors, state and society.

The Summit is set to become the stage where the experts, officials and businessmen from across the world will share their ideas and experience about how the gaming industry may become legal, safe and properly regulated, so it can attract investors, generate profits for the state budget and be consumer friendly and responsible.

The invited key speakers of the Summit:
- Nina Yuzhanina, member of the Verhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, Head of the Committee on Tax and Customs Policy. 
- Artur Palatnyi, member of the Verhovna Rada (Parliament), Chairman of the Committee on Family Matters, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism
- Serhiy Marchenko, Deputy Minister of Finances
- Agia Zargrebelska,  State Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
- Algidras Shemeta, Busines Ombudsman
- IMF Representative in Ukraine
- Francesca Baranka, chairman of Committee on Ethics and Fair Play of Football Federation of Ukraine

For more detailes please visit www.ugs2017.com.ua