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Алексей Евченко: «Бизнесмены готовы помогать ускорению легализации игорной индустрии в Украине»

According to Oleksii Yevchenko, vice CEO of the Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association (UGIA), the Ukrainian business can help promoting legalization of gaming industry in the country. The expert said that during the press conference dedicated to UGIA presentation. 

“Are you comfortable to live in the country legally or you’d prefer to cross bounders with a sham passport? When there is a law, everything can be done right and you will live a normal life”- the expert thinks.    

“Conventional businessman wants to make money in a normal way and have a peaceful sleep. He doesn’t want to pay bribes all the time. Today he pays the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine, tomorrow he’ll be caught by the Security Service of Ukraine”- said Yevchenko.

The UGIA CEO Iryna Sergienko had also made her point on the matter.

“Business wants to be legal if it is allowed to make money. That’s why we are for regulation of industry with due account for national interests”- said Iryna.

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